R&D Projects / GSR


GSR is a mobile device intended for measurement of galvanic skin response using alternating current and pulse measurement using reflectance method. All data are sent according to Bluetooth Low Energy standard which ensures long working hours despite small size of the device.

About the Problem

The device was designed for researchers dealing with human psychophysiological reactions. The system may be used during strictly scientific experiments as well as during marketing and opinion research. Thanks to advanced measurement techniques and signal processing methods, combined with mobility and comfort of measurement of both reactions on the wrist, GSR is excellent in situations in which other systems fail.

Solution & Technology

Measurement of galvanic skin response, that is changes in electrical resistance of the skin caused by activity of sweat glands controlled by sympathetic nervous system, is carried out using the Féré method. The body is subjected to low voltage between two electrodes attached to the skin. The current flowing through the tissue under the influence of this voltage is measured. Alternating current stimulation with two stimulation frequencies was applied in the project. The data are filtered appropriately and processed, which enables GSR measurement free of distortions.

The pulse is measured using reflectance photoplethysmography (PPG). It is a non-invasive and pain-free method of measurement of blood flow and changes in blood volume in the skin. An intelligent algorithm of heartbeat detection allows for determination of the time between subsequent heartbeats and calculation of BPM approximated between subsequent samples.

Traction and market

The first version of our GSR is used by the Polish Police Academy for biomedical stress measurement during the police officers trainings. The newest version is designed especially for the youngest patients – it has a special shape, method of attachment to the skin, and is made of skin-friendly materials.

At this moment, the device is used as a part of our SENSEAS system for support of diagnostics and treatment of young children with ASD. It allows a deeper understanding of a child’s psychology and elements which make them become negatively tense at the stage of the emergence of the feeling of anxiety which may not be visible from the outside. Positive reactions may be detected and used to build a friendly atmosphere and comfortable therapeutic conditions.

The development of GSR is currently suspended, however, we are open to all cooperation proposals. There are many ways to use the device. It is a hardware platform that can be used to measure the level of engagement and psychological stress.