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LifeTone Baby Monitor

It’s a joy to be a parent, but it becomes challenging when your baby is ill. Throughout the first years of a baby’s life, parents face many health problems. It is often hard to recognize which of them are warning signs of more serious conditions. With LifeTone you can sleep without worries or focus on all the other things you need to do. And you don’t need to make notes, it will remember measured data.


Birth Rate
UNICEF estimates that at least 130 million babies are born each year around the world. According to the WHO in 2017, 4.1 million (75%) of all under-five deaths occurred within the first year of life.

Preterm Births
According to WHO, 1 in 10 births are premature – that is 15 million babies each year.

Parents learning to communicate with their baby have to rely on body language and different types of cries to understand their child’s needs.

Warning Signs
Common infant warning signs include colds, coughs, fevers, vomiting and baby apnea. It is essential to know when your baby is sick and to recognize the warning signs of more serious problems.

Parental Intuition
Parental intuition is a powerful tool but doesn’t provide the data that a pediatrician can analyze and refer to.

The Wearable Health Devices trend, used to monitor an individual’s the health status is growing. WHDs are used to diagnose, monitor, and prevent the development of potential illnesses. But there are still few solutions for babies.


LifeTone is an innovative personal health monitor for babies. It measures the vital signs of the baby during sleep, providing feedback and alerting parents when the baby stops breathing

The patented algorithm identifies each irregular breathing pattern. The AI based system analyzes the data and stores it, enabling parents to provide the child’s health data to the peadiatrician.

The device can be synchronized with an application on parents’ smartphones. The app contains information about disturbing symptoms and vital signs, such as breath pattern, pulse and ambient temperature.

    Unique Values

    What makes us a unique solution for parents and business partners:

    • improves  health communication between baby and caregiver
    • health image of a small patient
    • home based monitoring
    • data & AI based performance
    • comfortable and easily attachable to a nappy

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