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The objective of the project is development of Polish complementary system of molecular surgical navigation for the purposes of cancer treatment.

About the Problem

The project assumes development of a new system of surgical navigation for intraoperative precise identification of a neoplastic lesion and its radical resection. Achievement of these objectives was divided into three main parts: 1. Development of a new technology 2. Preclinical trials in-vitro and in-vivo 3. Clinical trials: development of an innovative method of surgical oncological treatment.

Solution & Technology

The project is mainly focused on the development and preparation for implementation of an innovative surgical navigation system using molecular mechanisms for intraoperative detection of tumor tissue by specific rAAV in order to label it in a fluoroscopic mode and thus provide conditions for complete malignancy removal with preservation of critical organ functions such as vision and hearing. The final expected result of the project is the development of innovative, customized and automated cancer surgery.

Traction and market

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Poland and reason of 17% of disabilities. According to GLOBOCAN 2008, in that year there were an estimated 12.7 million oncologic cases worldwide, leading to 7.6 million of deaths. Surgery remains the essential method for oncologic treatment, and the overall survival rate depends on adequate and precise tumor resection with a proper margin of macroscopically intact surrounding tissues. The current methods of assessing resection margins are based on the intraoperative histological examination and surgeons’ experience.

The project is financed within the framework of the Strategic Programme of Scientific Research and Development Works „Prevention and Treatment of Civilization Diseases” – Strategmed

Total value of the project: PLN 25 906 108
The value of total financing: PLN 24 608 695
The value of financing for Neuro Device Group S.A.: PLN 1 120 268