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We are a technology company offering innovative solutions in the field of neuroscience on a global scale. Our devices help conduct advanced research and improve the quality of life of people around the world. We are experienced scientists, engineers, businessmen and business women – we share passion, commitment and willingness to change reality. We successfully cooperate with global companies and recognized scientific institutes, and our products can be found in many institutions and research centers in every corner of the Earth.

Board of Directors

  • Paweł Soluch Chief Executive Officer
  • Olga Reunamo Member of the Board

Competitions and distinctions

  • The Best Polish Innovation 2018

    Our Neuro Device Voic project has been awarded the Best Polish Innovation 2018 title in the “Health” category in the Soczweki Focusa competition. The winner has been selected by the readers of the Focus magazine.

  • Chivas Venture 2018

    Neuro Device is the winner of the Polish edition of the prestigious competition for socially responsible projects – Chivas The Venture. The project chosen by the jury – out of almost one hundred applications – consists of the introduction of the first system in the world for the effective rehabilitation of speech disorders (aphasia) - Neuro Device Voic™.

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  • The first prize at the Medtec Europe Start-Up Academy 2018

    MedTec Europe Start-Up Academy is an annual competition that brings together the most exciting young companies from across Europe to showcase their latest innovations in medical device technology and to meet established powers in the market.
    This year the main prize was granted to our rehabilitation system for enhancing aphasia treatment - Neuro Device Voic™.

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  • Finalist of Aulery 2018 - Polish competition for startups and technology companies

  • Distinction TOP 15 Most Innovative Siemens Healthcare Suppliers 2017

  • Distinction TOP 10 Most Innovative Healthcare Companies in Europe by Bayer 2016


Siemens Healthcare

Scope of cooperation: design and production of devices operating in the MR field, according to the demand of Siemens Healthcare customers.

“This is an interdisciplinary team with broad knowledge and unconventional approach to the projects. We conducted dedicated projects, that no one else wanted to undertake, but Neuro Device did it and succeeded.”

Michał Pytel, Director of Business Development, Siemens

GE Healthcare

Scope of cooperation: design and fit-out of MR and fMRI laboratories.

“We have already coordinated many projects. They have knowledge and experience which is needed. Neuro Device Team is not afraid of difficult issues and I would say that such challenges brings them the most fun.”

Piotr Seweryński, MR Modality Manager NEE

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

“The whole process, beginning from engineering to the design, is very impressive. For us it was important that Neuro Device is reliable, meticulous and maintains high quality.”

Miroslaw Janowski, MD PhD, Associate Professor, The Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science

Shizim – Israel’s Biomed Holding Group

Scope of cooperation: design of the central nervous system stimulator

“There are only two companies around the world which meet our expectations – Neuro Device is one of them.”

Adam Broncel, PhD – Innovation Expert and Consultant

Intellectual property rights

Neuro Device Scent

Breathing monitor

Breathing monitor

international patent application PCT/EP2016/062924

Breathing monitor

Neuro Device Scent

Projects in development

We create solutions that improve the quality of life of people around the world. At the moment, we are working on several projects that are at different stages of development, which we plan to implement in the near future.

Press publications

The company, our projects, and achievements, as well as the opinions of our specialists on important scientific events, attract the attention of key and most the influential media in Poland. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the selected publications below.