Mission and values

Our Mission

We create devices that improve the quality of human life. Our diagnostic and therapeutic solutions help people with various types of neurological disorders return to everyday life. It used to be quite often impossible before our solutions were invented.

Our values

Many of our devices are the first of their kind in the world. Experience, knowledge, and how we work allows us to lead the way in research of previously inaccessible areas of the human brain. We set challenging goals for ourselves that nobody has dealt with so far. We are usually successful.

The source of our successes are people – scientists, engineers, and businessmen/businesswomen who create the Neuro Device team. Their knowledge, experience, and commitment, as well as great passion, bring us closer every day to solutions.

Scientific Standards
Cooperation with renowned scientific institutions is a conscious and permanent element of our activity. By being in touch with scientists, researchers, and doctors from all over the world, we maintain a scientific approach to our projects and access to the latest knowledge.


Quality and Responsibility
Quality is important. Always, in the case of every product. We are aware, however, that in the case of medical devices, quality is also a very big responsibility. We consider it our priority and we never compromise.

Individual Approach
It is our ambition to constantly develop and successively launch new solutions on the market, as well as expand the range of the services we provide. We are open to new challenges – we approach each project and client individually.