NYC Neuromodulation 2020 Online Conference

The week the NYC Neuromodulation 2020 Online Conference organised by Neuromodec took place and Neuro Device couldn’t resist but participate. Remotely, of course, from home sitting […]

Neuro Device mentioned in the American Forbes

Neuro Device has been mentioned in the American Forbes, in an article on the influence of AI on neuroscience. We’re happy that Neuro Device is a […]

Our Data Science team at AI NEXTCon 2020

Michał Księżopolski, Software Engineer, and Mateusz Orzechowski, Chief Technical Officer – our Data Science team, joined the group of participants of the AI NEXTCon 2020 conference. […]

German Neuroscience Society workshops in Göttingen

Justyna Żurawska, Research and Innovation Analyst, participated in a course on transcranial magnetic and electrical stimulation, which is organized by the German Neuroscience Society. The event […]

A clinical trial dedicated to patients with post-stroke aphasia

Within next few months we will carry out a clinical trial using transcranial electrical stimulation combined with speech-language therapy dedicated to patients with post-stroke aphasia. Therapy […]


Paweł Soluch is in Las Vegas to take part in the annual meeting of the North American Neuromodulation Society and the Emerging Technology Forum that is […]