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nurostym tES is a complete solution intended for transcranial electrical stimulation. It works in tDCS, tACS and tRNS modes as well as in the direct current pulses. This device is intended for non-invasive stimulation of central nervous system using low direct current. It is an innovative solution of the highest quality and exceptional parameters. The device is intended for research works as well as for therapeutical purposes (under the supervision of doctors, rehabilitators, or psychologists).

nurostym tES is used for treatment of a number of neurological, psychiatric and developmental disorders. It supports neurorehabilitation (for example after a stroke), strengthening its effects and accelerating the speed of the patients’ recovery. Additionally, the device can be used during the depression and addiction therapies as well as alleviating migraines.  

The device is easy to use and equipped with innovative solutions. A touchscreen enables simple and quick programming of stimulation protocols. Additionally, the stimulator has been equipped with advanced functions, providing the examined person with the most important thing – maximum safety and comfort during stimulation. nurostym tES working in the tDCS mode is a certified medical device meeting the highest standards of safety. The device measures current in a continuous manner, which improves effectiveness and safety of stimulation. In addition to the tDCS mode, the device offers tACS, tRNS and direct current impulses in the research mode. The aforementioned modes went through the same safety tests as the tDCS mode.

nurostym tES enables carrying out even the most complex experimental procedures during the process of scientific research. Full control over parameters of the stimulation and impedance measurement, the possibility of programming one’s own protocols or the access to double-blind trials are only some of its features indispensable during appropriately designed scientific research.

In order to meet the expectations of scientists, we have created a device which can generate a stimulating signal with the frequency of as much as 600 Hz. It creates opportunities for research into alternating current stimulation. Generated signals are accurate and repetitive, which allows for ensuring reproducible conditions of each subsequent trial during the experiment. What is important, even for high frequencies, the generated signal has exactly the same waveform as the one initially assumed by the researcher.

It is not advisable to use tES stimulator, or any other similar stimulators, in patients with epilepsy and patients with diagnosed anxiety disorder. Continuous stimulation should not last longer than 30 minutes.

nurostym tES can be easily synchronised with other devices and systems. It is possible thanks to embedded digital inputs and outputs as well as the possibility of integration of a communication protocol with external software (for example, Matlab, PsychoPy, C/C++).


  • Mobile system with touchscreen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Possibility of operation through computer application
  • High frequency stimulation (in unprecedented stimulation parameters)
  • Repetitiveness and quality necessary during research
  • Safe-Stop function (safe stop) ensures safety and comfort of the examined person
  • Pause function (interruption and resumption of the research)
  • Advanced impedance control
  • Automatic calibration
  • Support of the protocol (storing up to 8 previously defined simulation protocols)
  • Easy access to all data (export through USB, the possibility of offline data analysis)
  • The possibility of integration with external software (for example, Matlab, PsychoPy, C/C++)
  • Battery life of up to 10h

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